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Free Shipping on orders of $99 or More!


"It's not only beautiful, but it encourages mindful eating. With obesity at epidemic levels, we must do everything we can to remain healthy."
 -Kris Benezra, Personal Trainer

"Using the dishware at home is sort of like using training wheels, so when I go into the outside world, I won't overload my plate with more portions than I should use." 
 -Gracie Stean, Mom of a terrific 2-year-old and Flight Attendant

"A great reminder of what the right amounts of food really looks like."
 -Enid Dodson, Educational Professional

Our Endorsements:

"I advised Livliga® in developing this important dinnerware and firmly believe that portion control is one of the main keys to living a healthier and longer life. The chances of developing the diseases responsible for eighty percent of all annual U.S. deaths are not as influenced by family history and genetics as they are by lifestyle choices, including what and how much you eat. I believe Livliga is an intelligent tool to assist everyone on the road to better health and longevity."
- Richard Flanigan, MD
Cardiologist - HealthMark
Past President of the American Heart Association, Denver Division
Assistant Clinical Professor - University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Author - Longevity Made Simple
Livliga Advisory Committee

“We know good eating habits form a lifetime of good nutrition and are established at a very young age. As a professional nutritionist, I believe the Livliga dinnerware and product line is an excellent tool for families with children in these critical formative years. Creating positive eating habits as children grow to adulthood with behaviors that will last a lifetime is a must. Parents concerned about making sure their child doesn't become a part of the exploding childhood obesity statistic in the U.S. should all use this easy‑to‑follow system to promote nutritional awareness and wellness for the entire family.”
 -Cynthia Schrader, RD, LD
Child Nutrition Director
Leavenworth Public Schools
Leavenworth, Kansas
Livliga Advisory Committee

"Livliga Dinnerware offers a subtle reminder of appropriate portion sizes that helps develop and reinforce healthy eating habits. A few extras here and there really do add up, especially as people age and metabolism slows. Those who have been successful with weight management sometimes feel they can relax a bit once they've met their goals, then portions expand and weight creeps up. Having the subtle reminder in the design is a great way to stay on track. And the entire set passes as standard household dishware anyone would enjoy using."
 -Margo Humenczuk, MA, MBA, RD, CSP, LD
Senior Clinical Nutritionist
Livliga Advisory Committee