Free Shipping on orders of $99 or More!
Free Shipping on orders of $99 or More!


Livliga®—designed with the psychology of eating in mind and endorsed by Doctors and Registered Dietitians

In the United States, weight loss is a $20 billion per year industry, with over 100 million people on diets throughout the country. Statistics show 73% of Americans are either overweight or obese. By 2050, 1 in 3 people will have diabetes. Now more than ever people are looking for longer term solutions to manage their weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

Now, you can offer the sought after solution your customers are seeking: the Livliga Lifestyle. Made of high quality porcelain, Livliga is dishwasher and microwave safe, is lead and BPA‑free and made of a sustainable material. It is a product that embodies as well as supports a healthy lifestyle.

With our simple method of portion control, Livliga dishware is elegant, easy and affordable. Livliga’s suite of dinnerware is already making customers very happy. In fact, many of our customers become repeat customers, purchasing Livliga for their friends and family.

  • Livliga offers a suite of products, including a children’s line, that can be sold alongside health and wellness solutions in the pharmacy div of a Drug Store, in a Wellness Clinic, a Fitness Center or in a Health Store offering diet/weight loss and Lifestyle products.
  • We also offer the added benefit that comes from all of our products being endorsed by Doctors, Registered Dietitians, Personal Trainers and Psychologists.
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