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Product Use

Livliga® has been created as a guide to support your mindful eating with discrete portion control built in. The pieces can be used for any meal and at any time of day, although not all pieces will necessarily be used at each meal. You will decide on a menu, then you’ll pick recipes that follow your balanced diet and specific calorie goals. No more ugly “diet plates!” Here’s to enjoying each meal . . . and don’t forget to LIVE VIBRANT!

4-Piece Place Setting

Livliga Hälsa Portion Control Dinnerware

The 4-piece place setting is right-sized which means they are smaller than the average dinnerware sold today. Each item also has its own unique portion control indicators (measurements) to guide you in using the right amount of food as specified by a recipe or single serving noted on the side of a package. All are proportionally designed so when you put the right-sized food portions on your plate and in your bowl or mug it will look like “enough” and you’ll feel satisfied at the end of the meal.

Dinner Plate

Livliga Dinner Plate Map

The plates have a wide rim and a well size just large enough to accommodate four icons which outline specific measurements for specific foods. Think discrete portion control and positive reminders for a balanced diet. The dinner plate has 5 measurements on it:

  • The largest icon designates a 1 cup serving size and is for your fruits and vegetables.
  • The icon with 2 circles indicates ¾ cup and ½ cup measurements, which are typical serving sizes for the starch or grain in a given meal.
  • The squared-off icon is for your protein which will need to be weighed on a scale or is portioned according to a recipe and is typically between 2–6 ounces, depending on the serving size called for.
  • The smallest icon is a “dollop” and measures ⅛ cup (or 2 tablespoons) of sauce, condiment, salad dressing, dip, or jam. Depending on the recipe, it can also be used for a 1 tablespoon measurement.

Side Plate

Livliga Side Plate Map

This plate is smaller than the dinner plate by more than 2 inches. Though it’s referred to as a luncheon or salad plate, it can also be used for desserts, sides, cocktail buffet, or snacks. The measurements on the plate allow you to control the portions of whatever you choose to use it for. Even the space around each icon is a reminder to the user to keep portions discrete and not to pile different foods onto each other. If you are just having a tossed green salad, you will not need the icons for that particular dish.

  • The largest icon is a double circle. The outer circle represents a ¾ cup serving, and the inner circle provides a ½ cup measure.
  • The smaller icon, ⅛ of a cup (or 2 tablespoons), can be used for a dollop of dip, salad dressing, or sauce.


Livliga Bowl Map

The bowl is proportionally right-sized to accommodate two different serving sizes, depending on the meal and recipe used. The designs or “fill lines” on the inside of the bowl designate:

  • 1 cup serving (8 ounces) – This is the perfect serving size for breakfast cereal or a snack of raw veggies or fruit
  • 1½ cup serving (12 ounces) – This is the ideal serving size for soups, stews, and salads.


Livliga Mug Map

The design or “fill line” on the inside of the mug indicates a right-sized single serving amount of 8 ounces to be used for your morning “joe,” tea, hot chocolate, or whatever else you are in the mood for and want to measure.


6 different size LivSpoons in a row, each with a different food.

LivSpoons are a patented set of measuring/serving spoons that come in 6 standard serving sizes: 1 cup, ¾ cup, ½ cup, ⅓ cup, ¼ cup, and ⅛ cup. They are made of polished stainless steel.

LivSpoon Map of Standard Serving Sizes

Hangs comfortably and cleanly on the edge of nearly any pot or bowl.

Just Right Set® bariatric

This unique ensemble has been specifically designed for those who need bariatric portion dishes pre and post bariatric procedure or surgery.

  • The serving sizes designed into the bowl are ¼ cup and ½ cup.
  • The plate has icons for ½ cup, ¾ cup and 2 tablespoons.

Livliga combines artist design with the science of behavioral economics. Livliga connects our eyes, mind, and stomach to benefit our health. Our dinnerware creates a paradigm shift in mindful eating. To learn more about the science behind the tableware, we’re offering you a free download of our whitepaper, Livliga: The Science Behind the Tableware.

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