Free Shipping on orders of $99 or More!
Free Shipping on orders of $99 or More!

Private Practitioner Partnership 

A product range that supports the services you provide

Redefining portion sizes through the lens of serving sizes is the simple, effective way for people to improve their health and manage their weight. Livliga® is a key tool that complements the advice and counsel you give your clients. The Livliga suite of products is Doctor, RD/Nutritionist and Wellness Coach approved.

Most importantly, Livliga provides your clients a variety of tools they need to turn your guidance and knowledge into effective adherence at home, allowing them to take personal control over their eating habits and ultimate wellness.

Making decisions on the types of products to carry can be difficult. For your reference, we have compiled a range of articles citing recent studies validating the unique VisualQs Philosophy and use of the psychology of eating as the basis and success of the Livliga suite of products. Deciding which portion control products to use is key. Research shows Livliga should be top of your list of tools for your clients.

As wellness and medical professionals responsible for your clients’ nutrition, weight management and health, you also have the ongoing challenges of any business owner. By carrying Livliga’s Suite of products, not only will you be looking out for the health of your clients, but with this added revenue stream, you’ll be looking out for the health of your business as well.

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