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Free Shipping on orders of $99 or More!


Salmon Salad on Livliga Portion Control Plates

The simply elegant, intelligent designs integral to each piece of our dishware were specifically created to subtly guide you in eating a balanced meal with appropriate serving sizes. Your mind and body look for external cues to tell you how much to eat. Food served on beautifully designed, right-sized dishware looks plentiful and appealing, sending positive signals to your brain, leaving you feeling nourished and satisfied. We call these VisualQs.

We believe it is possible to be mindful of what you eat and fully enjoy your meal and the process of eating. There is no reason to feel isolated, eat cardboard food or deny yourself the joy of eating because you are serving up a healthy meal. Eating food from right-sized dishware that is also thoughtfully and beautifully designed is the key to success and satisfaction.

Portion Control
Made beautiful, easy-to-use, and affordable

Right-sized meal on a typical American dinner plate

Right-sized meal on a Livliga dinner plate

The servings on each of these plates were specifically measured, and weigh the same. Yet, the plate on the right appears to have more food on it, signaling the brain that it should be more filling and satisfying. This is the magic of Livliga and the VisualQs philosophy.


Livliga combines artist design with the science of behavioral economics. Livliga connects our eyes, mind, and stomach to benefit our health. Our dinnerware creates a paradigm shift in mindful eating. To learn more about the science behind the tableware, we’re offering you a free download of our whitepaper, Livliga: The Science Behind the Tableware.

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