Free Shipping on orders of $99 or More!
Free Shipping on orders of $99 or More!

Our Mission

Livliga® is Swedish for LIVELY, VIBRANT, or VIVID and is our wish for your life. It's for everyone who wants a beautiful, yet subtle way to improve and control their food environment.

Our mission is to provide an answer to the current health crisis escalated by the obesity epidemic. The world has forgotten that eating well and living in a healthy environment can be beautiful, exciting, and fun.

We have created a suite of patented tableware that guides the user to put the right portions of food on their plates. Our goal is to provide portion control tools that make living a vibrant, balanced, and healthy life simple to do and easy to embrace.


Livliga combines artist design with the science of behavioral economics. Livliga connects our eyes, mind, and stomach to benefit our health. Our dinnerware creates a paradigm shift in mindful eating. To learn more about the science behind the tableware, we’re offering you a free download of our whitepaper, Livliga: The Science Behind the Tableware.

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