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Living Life
to the Fullest
with Diabetes

Living a healthy lifestyle is important for all of us. When you are living with a chronic disease like diabetes the issues around eating healthy and in right-sized amounts is critical to maintain your health and enjoy your life to the fullest. Livliga has developed a line of science-based and patented tableware that can assist you in managing your food environment in a way that is both easy and subtle while providing a framework to support balanced, right-sized meals for each meal and everyday.

Why is it important to eat right with Diabetes?

To successfully manage diabetes, you need to understand how foods and nutrition affect your body. Food portions and food choices are important. Carbohydrates, fat and protein need to be balanced to ensure blood sugar levels stay as stable as possible. This is true whether you live with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

Living healthfully with diabetes means:

Investing in your health long term requires having a long-term strategy that incorporates an environment of healthy eating for a healthier and happier life. There are no quick fixes. It is more about accessing a supportive community of experts, friends and people facing the same challenges. It is also about organizing your food environment to support the healthy lifestyle you are committed to living. Livliga was designed to support this long-term way of living.

How Livliga Helps

It is a system of portion control

Creating a right-sized food environment is key to long-term success. Livliga has created a suite of right-sized tableware that supports you in preparing, measuring and serving up just right portions effortlessly and mindfully. It is the answer to portion control for those living with diabetes.

Livliga is the go-to Diabetes Portion Plate with the additional benefit of having the psychology of eating embedded into each dish!

Just like with a typical 9-inch plate, the well of all of Livliga’s dinner plates is 7 inches, helping you to right size your portions.

Better yet we add our patented psychology of eating into the plate so when you serve up right-sized portions they look plentiful so you can feel like you are eating enough and are satisfied at the end of a meal.

Every type of dish you need has measurement built in

Livliga products are truly unique because each piece has measurement built in. This includes your dinner plate, side plate, bowl, mug, drinking glass, wine glass and more! It makes portion control super easy!

Beautiful and made of high quality materials so it works for you long term

  • Living with diabetes is a long-term healthy lifestyle journey. You deserve beautiful dinnerware that you enjoy and can use everyday and at every meal that supports you on this journey.
  • Even better, Livliga is designed so everyone you share a meal with can enjoy it too . . . no separate plates needed!
  • Our tableware not only supports healthy eating but it is also healthy for you to use since it is certified lead-free, cadmium-free and is made of eco-friendly materials.

Supports your particular healthy eating style

Livliga works for you and with you no matter what particular eating style you adopt. In order to succeed long term in eating healthy and managing your diabetes it is important to discover your own healthy eating style.

You are unique. Livliga is tailor made to support your own healthy food preferences and ways you prefer eating in a mindful, elegant way.

Examples of common servings that are easy to measure with Livliga:

High sugar foods are more concentrated in carbohydrates. Therefore the volume would be smaller than a low sugar food. What is your eating style? Are you able to control your portion size - or are you likely to overeat? High sugar foods might not be a good choice if they will just tempt you to eat more. If you would rather eat larger portions, select low sugar choices.

Look at the differences in portion size you get for similar amounts of carbohydrates in these cereals!

¼ Cup Granola
1⅓ Cup Cheerios
¾ Cup Cracklin’ Oat Bran
1 Cup Frosted Flakes
1½ Cup Rice Krispies

Livliga has created a handy ebook especially for you. Download your free copy now!

Download our FREE Managing Your  Diabetes Through Portion Control eBook!

Sometimes it is reaffirming to know what the leaders in the diabetes community think . . .

“A diabetes diagnosis is NOT a dietary death sentence. No food needs to be completely off-limits, but portion sizes do matter. A friend gave me a set of Livliga dinnerware as a holiday gift and I absolutely love it! It’s not only gorgeous, but it helps me remember to eat everything in balance.”

—Shelby Kinnaird, founder Diabetic Foodie and author of The Pocket Carbohydrate Counter Guide for Diabetes

“When you are living with diabetes managing it is all about portion control and counting carbs. I discovered Livliga products a number of years ago now and love that they have built in measurement to every piece of tableware. I regularly refer people to Livliga. I am all for healthy lifestyle tools that help us live well with diabetes!”

—Anna Norton, CEO, Diabetes Sisters

Now hear about our product from others living with diabetes:

Universal City, TX
United States

Portion Control with Flair

“Portion control and walking are probably about the best two things we can do to keep our blood sugars in line. That being said, I have been faithfully measuring my meal portions for the past two years with a spouse frequently commenting, “Is that all you can have?” Because of the plate design and the visual parameters, it is easy to see what is an appropriate serving, plus it is elegant with high visual appeal.”

Micki Nadelson
Oklahoma City, OK
United States

Mindful Eating with a thought

“I love my Halsa products! I have type 1 diabetes and count carbs at every meal in order that I take the right amount of insulin for the meal. So knowing how much I’m eating is imperative! I love the concept of the Livliga products. I can just put food on my plate or in my bowl without having to get out the measuring cups and still get an accurate carb count for my insulin dosing. Thank you for making my life easier! If I had it my way, all dinnerware products would be the Livliga way!”

Judy Ellison
Saint Paul, MN
United States

Bought two sets

“Just wanted to drop a note telling everyone how nice my new set of dishes are. I first saw them in a Diabetes magazine and actually thought they were great because of the style, but soon realized they were about portion control, which made them even better. Besides being attractive, I like the feel of the everyday China when I eat off of them. I will buy some more pieces to go along with my set.”

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