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Ready to order a Just Right Set® bariatric? Let us help you today!

We’re pleased to offer our specially designed Just Right Set® bariatric! It is a unique product to the bariatric community, available now.

Not too big, not too small . . . Just Right

The Just Right Set® is the latest healthy lifestyle offering from Livliga. It is a beautiful 2-piece dish set in the Aveq pattern. This unique ensemble has been specifically designed for those who need bariatric portion dishes.

The same Livliga patented and science-based artistic design is embedded in the Just Right Set®. When the right amount is served up in these dishes, it looks plentiful to your eye, allowing your mind and body to feel satisfied as you enjoy your food. This 2-piece set is designed to be used and enjoyed at every meal.

Why we created a specific tabletop line for the bariatric community . . .

The very first exhibit Sheila and Walt Dietrich set up was when they attended the Your Weight Matters Convention of the Obesity Action Coalition a little over three years ago. It was the first time they showed their products to people who were seeking information and answers to their health needs specifically related to weight management and bariatric surgery.

Post-bariatric surgery, the needs of individuals are very different from others who want to lose or maintain weight. It was evident that there were not attractive bariatric-sized dishes available; there were only teaching tools made of cheap plastic, or small dishware made for kids.

Sheila and Walt were told stories about people having to buy children’s dishware with child designs in order to have right-sized dishware post-surgery. Many asked that we consider designing a bariatric set to address the unmet needs of the bariatric community. Just like everyone else, they wanted to have attractive dinnerware they could enjoy and use everyday, at every meal, that supported the healthy lifestyle they have embraced.

It was from this understanding and eye-opening experience that the Just Right Set bariatric was developed. Like all of our dinnerware, it is artist-designed; made of eco-friendly porcelain; is both dishwasher- and microwave-safe; meets the standards of being lead-free, cadmium-free, and non-toxic. Best of all, it not only looks beautiful in its own right, but also works well with all of Livliga’s patterns and lines. You can set a beautiful dinner table and have each member of the family enjoy their right-sized dinnerware, sized just for them.

Livliga has created a handy ebook especially for you. Download your free copy now!


Download Your FREE Copy: Emotional Barriers to Sustained Weight Loss Success

“The Just Right Set is much needed in the bariatric marketplace. Over the years I have had many conversations with people who have wanted a set just like this to use. It is a welcome addition from Livliga.”

—Alex Brecher,

“Portioning food on regular dishes is tricky for bariatric patients. It always seems like too much! But it's still important for us to be able to visualize a healthy portion size so we can make good choices. That's one reason I'm excited about the Just Right Set. It's portion control that's just right for us. Thank you, Livliga!”

—Nikki Masse,

“I met Sheila and Walt at the first YWM Convention. To see their hard work come to fruition and offer many WLS individuals such beautiful yet practical dinnerware is great to see and an important addition to our community.”

—Cassie Story,

“As we advocate for the bariatric community and all those who live with obesity, it is so rewarding to see young companies like Livliga providing products to all of us in living and loving a healthy lifestyle.”

—Rob Portinga,

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