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Livliga®, founded in early 2011 in Boulder, Colorado, was conceived out of a personal desire to find an answer to our supersized world surrounding eating and to find a better solution beyond the ugly “diet plate.” Sheila Kemper Dietrich, Livliga Founder and CEO, recognized the need to “right‑size” the food environment and set off to develop a suite of everyday products, which included discrete portion control and subtle reminders, for a balanced diet to support a healthy lifestyle.

After years of waging the war against obesity and longing to embrace a healthier lifestyle, she began researching and experimenting with the concept of “right‑sizing” the food environment and including subtle reminders for a balanced meal and portion control measurements. After learning that the dinner plate has grown in size by 51% since the 1900s, she naturally started with dishware. Sheila created the first prototypes by hand at a local “paint your own” pottery store and started using them as her family’s primary tableware set. Her family embarked on this journey together, enjoying the appealing design of the dishes, and feeling satisfied after eating appropriate sized servings at each meal. Sheila lost over 50 pounds while her husband and daughter each lost more than 20 pounds in almost no time at all. No one felt deprived or even noticed that their portions had changed. The meals looked plentiful, the plates looked beautiful. It was a great experience for everyone. The culmination of that experience and effort is Livliga—a complete, attractively designed portion control system for healthy eating.

Then and Now

The Livliga Lifestyle will help you take the guesswork out of portion control so that mindful eating becomes front and center in your approach to food. Because the Livliga Lifestyle is more comprehensive than just standard portioning, we’ve created a Get Started Guide to help you achieve success. With this free guide, you will learn how to set yourself up for positive change and the importance of right-sizing your food environment. We will also give you some great recipes to try and a free meal planner to help you succeed!

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